Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book my equipment?

Simply call or email us. We are a growing business and if we don't have your preferred equipment option in stock let us know and we can talk to you about other alternatives or arrange another product. We have the larger deluxe size tents and the smaller queen size tents.

Will it effect my training/preperation?

Not if it is done properly. We have years of experience using these whilst training and can give you some idea over the phone. The key is to slowly ramp up the altitude so your body can adapt without it cutting into your training.

What size are the tents?

We have queen size tents which are aprox 153cm x 204cm x 150cm and will fit a single bed or small double mattress on its own. We also have the larger deluxe size tents which will fit a larger size double bed. Again please check with us.

How much is delivery?

Depending on where you are in the UK we can offer delivery, or arrange to meet you half way etc. Please contact us for a quote. At the moment we only rent to the UK mainland.

Can I buy the equipment.

Sometimes yes. From time to time we will sell off equipment. Feel free to ask of make us an offer.

Can I use the equipment abroad.

We will only rent equipment to UK for use in the UK mainland.

Can you do better rates for long term rentals?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

How noisy are they?

We have tried to do the following video to demostrate the noise.

How hard are they to set up?

We have created the following video to help you set up your tent.